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Kebanyakan daripada kita sering mengalami masalah di mana anda sering merasakan “ahh, malasnyaaa.”, “hm letihla nak buat kerja ni” dan bermacam macam alasan lagi. Tapi sebenarnya kita tak malas pun. Ohhh btw, sis terpaksa tukar bahasa yang digunakan kat blog sis ni. Sebelum ni memang blog post sis was in English tapi berdasarkan analisis yang sis buat memang kebanyakan pembaca blog sis ni, tu haa mat salleh kat US and UK tu. Ratio pembaca Malaysia ni memang sikit. Jauh beza!
So, disebabkan sis nak capai matlamat sis untuk memupuk budaya membaca daripada kalangan penduduk Malaysia, sis terpaksa tukar kepada bahasa melayu, bahasa kebangsaan kita. Dan bila guna bahasa melayu ni, apa tu orang kata, ‘dari hati ke hati’, so sis harap mesej yang sis nak sampaikan kat anda semua dapat masuk ke dalam hati anda. Haa gitchew.
Okay, berbalik semula kepada topik kita tadi. Haa sebenarnya, kita ni tak malas pun. Memang betul kadang-kadang kita rasa letih lagi lagi student macam sis ni kan. Jadual pe…
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Hi, ladies! As my friends keep asking me "Balqis, kau takde jual planner ke?", I'm annoyed hahaha. Pardon me. Because I do not have any planner in my shop. But I realize that students really need a planner. Before that, excuse me for using Malay language since I will be selling this student planner in Malaysia only. Even, most of my readers are not Malaysian (sorry). I did not do worldwide postage. I am really sorry.

So, let me explain about my pretty planner. *so excited

Ciri-Ciri Student Planner 2019 Kami Yang Unik & Comel:

Design & content yang 100% baruPlanner yang universal, sesuai digunakan oleh muslim & non-muslimSize standard A5Setiap muka surat adalah FULL COLORKertas yang kami guna adalah 80gsm & kertas ini berkualiti tinggiPlanner dijahit kemudian digam (supaya tidak mudah koyak, apabila kerap guna)Design dalaman planner kami sangatlah catchy, comel dan menarik!Planner dibungkus baik264 muka surat FULL COLORCover: Art cart 260gm matt and spot U…

Lady Inspiration Shop

Hello everyone! Today is the special day for me and of course you. On this day, Lady Inspiration has launched her very first shop! Tadaaaa. I am so excited because there was no such shop that selling what I want to sell in my shop. Can you guess what is it?

Okay, let be honest. Lady Inspiration shop is a printable shop in 2019. What the heck is printable? I am very sure that most of us (Malaysian) do not know what is printable. A printable is simply a graphic design that is offered as a download.It means that you do not have to go out and buy it from a physical shop out there. Printable is also cheaper than the physical stuff and the most important thing, printable is much more prettier. There are so many types of printables.

Organisation PrintableParty Decorations PrintableArt Printable Since this is first time for Lady Inspiration to open a printable shop, we would not selling all those printables. Gladly announce that we will sell 2019 Calendar. Yeayy! Based on the previous polls i…


Hi there! Welcome back to Lady Inspiration for this week. For those who do not know yet, I publish new blog post on every Saturday. Before we proceed, make sure you subscribe into my newsletter so that you'll not be missing any inspiring stories from me for a better you. 
So, what I gonna be talked this week? It's quite hard for me to think what  story I supposed to share with you every time I want to write a new blog post. *open my laptop and just watch that blank white screen on my Blogger page* Hahaha it's happen every single time.

Ahaa since I love notebook (much much infinity love), I decided to come up with a blog post titled "How To Use Your Blank Notebook". Again, I really, really love notebook! I just can't enter to any bookstore and just see those incredible pretty notebook. I must buy it. At least one. Crazy! And I assure that there is someone out there who feels the same with me. Yeah that's you! I know the perks. But, soon as you arrived your…
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