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Hello everyone! Today is the special day for me and of course you. On this day, Lady Inspiration has launched her very first shop! Tadaaaa. I am so excited because there was no such shop that selling what I want to sell in my shop. Can you guess what is it?

Okay, let be honest. Lady Inspiration shop is a printable shop in 2019. What the heck is printable? I am very sure that most of us (Malaysian) do not know what is printable. A printable is simply a graphic design that is offered as a download.It means that you do not have to go out and buy it from a physical shop out there. Printable is also cheaper than the physical stuff and the most important thing, printable is much more prettier. There are so many types of printables.

Organisation PrintableParty Decorations PrintableArt Printable Since this is first time for Lady Inspiration to open a printable shop, we would not selling all those printables. Gladly announce that we will sell 2019 Calendar. Yeayy! Based on the previous polls i…
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Hi there! Welcome back to Lady Inspiration for this week. For those who do not know yet, I publish new blog post on every Saturday. Before we proceed, make sure you subscribe into my newsletter so that you'll not be missing any inspiring stories from me for a better you. 
So, what I gonna be talked this week? It's quite hard for me to think what  story I supposed to share with you every time I want to write a new blog post. *open my laptop and just watch that blank white screen on my Blogger page* Hahaha it's happen every single time.

Ahaa since I love notebook (much much infinity love), I decided to come up with a blog post titled "How To Use Your Blank Notebook". Again, I really, really love notebook! I just can't enter to any bookstore and just see those incredible pretty notebook. I must buy it. At least one. Crazy! And I assure that there is someone out there who feels the same with me. Yeah that's you! I know the perks. But, soon as you arrived your…


You have a lot of things to do, but then you did not do it anyway just because of others' opinions. At the end of the day, you didn't do the things that you love, you didn't achieve your goals as you think other people's opinion is matter. 

Most of my friends didn't do the things that they love because they were so worried what other people would say about them. Despite it's normal for us to think what other people perceive us, but I can assure you that it's not such a good habits for always thinking about others' opinions. Yes, it's totally can bring you down and automatically you will not feeling motivated at all. So, let me tell you why it's crucial for you to stop thinking about what other people's think about you.


We are all human beings. We are not a well programmed robot. We do a mistake or mistakes to be precise. And all human do this. Everybody is struggling in becoming a better person. And this including you. Even …


We need to evolve, we need to change our lifestyle when we reach a certain phase of our lives. We need to improve ourselves as we grow. If not, we are not learning anything in our lives. The question are how can we improve ourselves? Is this the right way to improve our lives? 

Okay, let me help you in improving your life. I am in the phase of change too. I am struggling with myself to change my old behavior, to change my old life that is not so good when I reach my adult life soon. So, below are the 5 ways that I currently doing to improve my life and so do you.

We cannot stop learning when we finished our studies. That's not the right way. There are so many things that we need to learn through our life journey. We need to have the self-education. We can't get this self-education at the school. There is no teacher teaches us about life. We need to learn it by ourselves. How can we do this self-education?

Watch to Ted Talks
Listen to podcasts
Reading self-im…


Is it hard for you to get what you want? You have tried so many ways to get what you want, but you’re still not getting what you want and end up feeling so frustrated? Let’s dive in if you want to know my secrets in getting what I want in my life.

“I must get what I want or feel the consequences.” This is my principle of life. Pretty simple. I know what I want. I know where to get it. I know when I want it and I know how I can get that thing. Yes, most of my friends called me such a pretty confidence girl. Never afraid in chasing what her wants. True, that’s me. If I remain silent and do absolutely nothing, then tell me how I can get what I want. There is only one secret. I write my goals and re-write my goals every single day. Why? So, that I will not be forgotten to work on it. This is the main problem of our people. They never make writing their life goals as a habits. Then, they complain “Why I never get what I want?” and so many, many ‘why’. But, have you realized you’re not work…
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