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5 Things You Need to Do Before You Start Your Study Session

If you’re a student who priorities the successfulness of your study session but does not know how to do the most effective way to study, then this is the right place for you.

Assalamualaikum and hello ladies. It’s been a week after I wrote my blog post on the daily habits of super successful people. Since you have known the secrets of the highly successful people, now you need to know how to make sure your study session is effective enough for you. For sure, you don’t want to waste any of your time learning something using the method that not worth of your time. As I am a student too, a really organized student, I want to share with you the most effective way of my study session. I used these 5 steps before I started my study session to make sure I receive something valuable and worthy from my study session.

1.PREPARE YOUR STUDY SPACE You must have your study space that are very comfortable and can make you focus while studying.
MAKE SURE YOUR DESK IS CLEAN It is very important to mak…
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Hey, ladies! Assalamualaikum. What do you feel after having a week of ‘raya’? Its super energetic I guess. Let’s us continue with our works. Do you ever think why successful people are so successful? What are their secret weapons until they become a highly successful people? I think about it too once ago and now I know their secret weapons. Do you ever heard a quotes sound “The key of your success is in your routine”? I bet you know this quote. It is true, ladies that the secret behind every successful people is in their daily habits. The only difference between high class people and middle-class people is their daily habits. If these daily habits can change their life, why not you? Let’s take a look into 10 daily habits of the super successful people.

Make sure you have enough sleep
Many research prove that human being need a 7-8 hours sleep. It is very crucial for you to get enough sleep. Enough sleep can increase your daily productivity and focus since you get enough rest and not …

How to Make A Marketing Strategy That Works

If you just started your own business and you don’t know what type of marketing strategy that works, then you’re in the right place.
There are a variety of types of marketing on this world that you can implement on your own business. Content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing etc. You need to find the suitable one from those method that can works on your business. But, this is called marketing plan. Marketing plan and marketing strategy are two different things. Before you have the marketing plan, you need to have your marketing strategy. So, how to create a killer strategy marketing that really works?

But, before that why you need a marketing strategy? If you ask, almost any entrepreneur will say that marketing strategy is the crucial part. Offering the services or products are only a small battle in running a business. If you have the services or products to offer to customer, but if they do not know your existence selling those stuffs, how can your products be sold?…

A Little Throwback

Hey, ladies! I think it won't hurt if I share my Raya during my childhood. I will not write about it, but I will share two videos on my Raya to you. Happy watching! 😍

So, that is my Raya at Bukit Kapar, Klang which is my mom's hometown. But, now it is not our hometown anymore since my family and I are staying at Klang right now. 

Okay, this is my Raya at Tanjong Karang, Selangor. My dad's hometown. Unfortunately, we rarely going back there as my grandparents passed away on 2015. Al-Fatihah for them. 
So, these are my throwback on my Raya. Before I ending my writing, let me wish you a SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all Muslims. Ohh again, don't forget to get your free Hari Raya card exclusively designed by me by subscribing to my blog. Just filling in your email to get your Hari Raya card. 

7 Self-Care Habits Successful People Do

Hey, assalamualaikum ladies! You must be wondering what I will be talking about on this week right? Me too, feeling the same thing. It is not easy to pick a topic to put on my blog. But, don’t worry. I have figured it out. As I am a full-time student and an online entrepreneur at the same time (not only one business, but two), of course I feel the chaotic. Feeling overwhelmed in doing everything. I need to finish this, I need to finish that. What is my next step after this. What I want to give to my clients. I need to think all things. Ohh please don’t forget that I need to do the house chores too since I am the eldest one in my family. Can you imagine how busy I am? Ohh thanks if you understand me.But, you know what? Every problem has the solutions, even every illness has the medicine. So, what did I do to maintain my health on the top? Of course I am not ignoring myself. I need to stay healthy physically and even mentally to ensure that my business running smoothly. Below are my sel…

How to Introduce Yourself in Education Interview

Hi, guys! What a rainy and gloomy day. Yes, it’s raining when I blog this post. As the stated title above, I wanna talk about interview today, specifically education interview since I had my first-degree interview on 28th May before. As I am the first person who went to the interview among 7 of us (you know my best buddies that I talked before in my previous blog post). “Please don’t ask me about the interview”, I said to my friends, but who cares? They keep asking me about the interview. The most question that have been asked was “Balqis, how you introduce yourself”. I am not the brilliant genius girl who keep studying all the time and got 4.00 for her CGPA. I know there is someone better than me who can talk about this ‘education thingy’ better. But, since a lot of people asked me about the introduction in interview, then why not I publish it on my blog? People can gain more knowledge, right?

Interview? What the first adjective that can you say on an interview? Huh its boriiiiing …

Who inspires me?

Assalamualaikum & hello! Its great to have a topic to talk again hahaha. Today blog post gonna be a very special one. Yes, when I said its special, then it would be very very special, at least for me. :D . So, my topic today will be all about friends. For me, friend is very valuable and worth thing to be appreciated. Actually, I didn’t make a lot of friends during my primary and secondary schools. Not as usual people, they love their secondary school’s friend, but it is difference with me. I hate my secondary school’s life to be honest. I got the ‘kawan makan kawan’ during that time. How sad am I. But, who cares about me back then? Nobody cares, except my lovely juniors. That’s why I love to spend time with them more than my friends. Okay that is not my real story for today. But, the most important thing is I learn something. I learn how to value friends and the greatest thing on myself that I really like is I know how to be more social. Please don’t be negative. Its not a ‘negati…
A Malaysian girl who loves to inspire and empower ladies through her own stories.