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Hey, ladies! Assalamualaikum. What do you feel after having a week of ‘raya’? Its super energetic I guess. Let’s us continue with our works. Do you ever think why successful people are so successful? What are their secret weapons until they become a highly successful people? I think about it too once ago and now I know their secret weapons. Do you ever heard a quotes sound “The key of your success is in your routine”? I bet you know this quote. It is true, ladies that the secret behind every successful people is in their daily habits. The only difference between high class people and middle-class people is their daily habits. If these daily habits can change their life, why not you? Let’s take a look into 10 daily habits of the super successful people.

Make sure you have enough sleep
Many research prove that human being need a 7-8 hours sleep. It is very crucial for you to get enough sleep. Enough sleep can increase your daily productivity and focus since you get enough rest and not feeling overwhelmed. According to Tom Carley research, 89% of millionaires sleep 7-8 hours every night. Even the genius Albert Einstein likes and needs 10 hours for his sleep per day. This look a bit extreme than others, but it works on him. The most important thing is you need to have enough sleep every day.

I know and understand some of you have a problem with their sleep. Maybe, they can’t easily fall asleep at night. I recommend you lease down your night activity. For instance, try to be in your bedroom 2 hours early before your sleep time, shut down your phone at night and do not watch the TV before you are going to bed. Takes some time to relax and calm down before you have your night sleep. But, if you still having a problem to sleep, then go meet your doctor and have a consultation.

Make sure you wake up early
Super successful people did this. They get up early in the morning. Marissa Mayer from Yahoo and Robert Iger the Disney CEO love to wake up very early in the morning. 50% of self-made millionaires get up at least 3 hours before they start to work as according to Tom Corley (Best Author) research. A lot of things you can do when you wake up early every day. You can start your work early such as blogging, schedule your social media post etc. But, if you cannot do the works in a very early morning, you can do your exercise, work out, yoga and many more. There are a lot of other thing that you can do in the morning.

A research also shows that our brain function 100% in the early morning (3 am- 6am). So, why not we use this opportunity to wake up early and get all things done? Are you rather do your works in rush when you wake up late?

Make sure you meditate
What is meditation? Meditation is the condition of deep peace when our mind is calm and silent. Oprah spend 20 minutes twice per day to do the meditation. Meditation also can increase your productivity and focus. It helps you to remain calm for a while and let go all the miserable things in your brain.

The meditation for Muslims like me is the prayer (Solat). We perform our prayer 5 times per day. This is also the meditation process where we can stay calm in performing our prayers. That’s why Solat is a must in Islam. It contains a lot of advantages to all people.

We need to do the meditation every day to stay calm and only then we can think rationally.

Make sure you exercise
As I mentioned earlier in my previous blog post on self-care habits, exercise is very important for your life. Everyone knows about the good impact of exercise, but how many people do the exercise in their daily life, especially in Malaysia? Not all people practice exercise every day. Some of them are feeling so lazy to do exercise and they got so many health problems as the consequences. You need to blame yourself for this.

Did you know that Richard Branson (Virgin Group founder) has doubled his productivity when he wake up at 5 am for his bicycle ride? Yes, it is true. There a lot of advantages when you do exercise. According to Harvard study, “heart-pumping” exercise can improve our memory and learning. That’s why Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour playing tennis 1 hour of her day.

Make sure you eat healthy food
Instead of doing the exercise to stay healthy, you must make sure to get a healthy food to eat. You cannot ignore this. You need to avoid from eating fast food as it contains a lot of calories which can harm your health condition. You can consult with your doctor to plan your healthy meal or you can read it on any blogs that provide information on food and health.

In Islam, we are encourage to eat ‘sunnah’ food e.g dates, honey, milk etc as it contains a lot of healthy ingredients. ‘Kurma’ or dates can avoid constipation, intestinal disorders, heart problems, anemia etc. While honey contains a lot of antioxidants, can help in lowering blood pressure, lowering triglycerides etc.

From now, start having a healthy meal and please avoid eating at fast-food restaurant. Do you think Barack Obama eat fast food regularly?

 Make sure you take a very good care of your personal hygiene
Highly successful people always keep themselves clean. Your image reflects your reputation and behaviour. Thus, you need to always stay clean. Tesla Motors CEO, Elan Musk said that showering is his daily habits that gives the biggest impact in his life. By this, you know that he likes to shower to keep himself clean all the time. This is his way in taking care his personal hygiene.

We don’t want people look us negatively because of we do not know how to take a good care of our own personal hygiene. A clean condition also can avoid us from any illness. It is very crucial to keep ourselves clean as we keep our environment clean.

  Make sure you read
This habit of reading is very important. Many of successful people make reading as their hobby. The only way to gain your power is by educating yourself first. We gain knowledge from reading. We learn from reading. Even, the author JK Rowling also encourages every single person to read a lot. We need to read daily. But, not all type of book you can read. You need to avoid reading on the celebrity gossips or entertainment. You need to change the type of book that you read. You can read a book on history, biographies, finance, business or self-improvement that will change the way you think. Read something that can urge you to think. For your information Warren Buffet (business magnet) spends more than 80% of his day to read and learning.

Even successful people still reading and learning. How about us? Do make reading as your daily habits.

Make sure you keep organized
You need to keep organized. When you manage to organize your life, the more work can be done. You will not feel overwhelm to finish your work. I guess most of us have more works to be done. Make sure you complete whatever your task on time. Again, don’t be rush in doing anything. When you are in rush you will do your work very quickly and the more wrongs will happen.

Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey organized his task every Sunday for the next upcoming week. Joel Brown, founder of Addicted2Success checks his to-do-lists every evening before he goes to sleep to look at what task he had done.

The actions of both people show that they are a very organized people. Successful people always keep them organized.

Make sure you are not multitasking your works
When you are an organized people, you will not be a multitasker automatically. I am very curious how the hell there can be a multitasker. How they stay focus on what they are doing? Seriously, I cannot brain that because I am not a multitasker. It seems like “Wow, you’re a multitasker. You manage to complete double of your work in one time.” Hurmm sounds good, right? But, this is not the habits of successful people.

The 4-Hour Workweek author, Tim Ferris against this and encourages us to have 2 goals per day maximum. 2 is maximum, ladies.

You can’t focus when you do 2 things in a time. You will be less focus. The result of doing two things in one time is not good as doing one thing in one time. You will be more focus when you do one task on one particular time.

Remember, don’t be a multitasker!

Make sure you have positive attitude
Negative mindset or negative thought never exist in the mind of super successful people. They are a very positive person. They always look forward. You know, you can train your brain to be positive, to think on positive things. There are many ways to train yourself to be a positive person.

For instance, Joel Brown make gratitude and positive self-talk to one of his priorities. You can do this if you want to be successful person. Steve Jobs also wasn’t afraid to fail, but he always tried his best to reach his desired future.

Successful people do not afraid to fail. They never think about the negative side. Instead of thinking “how if I am fail?”, they think “How can I succeed in doing this?” See. Very simple. Let’s try this, girls!

So, these are the 10 habits of super successful people. I don’t ask you to do all these. It is not easy to change your life. Pick up 2 or 3 of these habits and try to implement in your daily life in a month. Then, watch the result. Trust me we all need to do these. To be a successful people, we need to change our routine, we need to change our mindset. Who on earth doesn’t want success, right. So, let’s try these! 

Comment: Do you have any other good daily habits to share? Then, do share them in the comment section below.
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