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7 Self-Care Habits Successful People Do

Hey, assalamualaikum ladies! You must be wondering what I will be talking about on this week right? Me too, feeling the same thing. It is not easy to pick a topic to put on my blog. But, don’t worry. I have figured it out. As I am a full-time student and an online entrepreneur at the same time (not only one business, but two), of course I feel the chaotic. Feeling overwhelmed in doing everything. I need to finish this, I need to finish that. What is my next step after this. What I want to give to my clients. I need to think all things. Ohh please don’t forget that I need to do the house chores too since I am the eldest one in my family. Can you imagine how busy I am? Ohh thanks if you understand me.But, you know what? Every problem has the solutions, even every illness has the medicine. So, what did I do to maintain my health on the top? Of course I am not ignoring myself. I need to stay healthy physically and even mentally to ensure that my business running smoothly. Below are my self-care habits.

1.    SAY NO
I have talked about this on my Instagram account before. But, let me explain it further. You have to learn to say no to work until late night, studying until late night and even go out with your friends. You don’t need to work and study until 1.00 – 2.00 a.m. Yes, it shows you how determine you are to achieve your dreams but staying until late night is very worst. It can affect your health for sure. Instead of staying up, why not you wake up earlier. Did you know that the secret of successful people is they wake up at 5.00 a.m? Even in Islam, it is a sunnah to wake up early in the morning. You can do your Qiammullail before you start your day. I know some people are a night owl and it is really difficult for you to wake up early. But, remember I said that every problem has the solution. Maybe I can tell you the secret of me in waking up early on my Instagram. Please remind me that.

This one is really my favourite. It can maintain your mental health. Seriously! You know what I do every morning after I have done with my morning work out and yoga? I did this, guys! I write a positivity list such as quotes, morning affirmations etc on my notebook. Its really important to have the positive vibes before you start your task for the day. It really helps you in maintaining your happiness. Of course you will be happy all day long when you have inserts the positive vibes into yourself early in the morning. Give it a try, ladies.  

I also do this every morning after I have complete my positivity list. I write the 3 things that I have accomplished yesterday. So, you will be grateful for what you have, what you have done and so on. This habit really can make you such a grateful person. Its simple right to be a grateful person? Just by doing this. You should give it a try too.

Ohh please don’t be so serious. You must enjoy your life. Make your night time with your family, talking on humorous thing or watching the comedians with them. This can help you in reducing stress. Trust me. You need the sense of humour in your life.

This habit is also one of my favourite and I bet everyone love to listen to music. Who on earth doesn’t like listening music. You can listen to your playlist in between your task or if you a multi tasker, then you can listen to it while doing your works. Unfortunately, I am not a multi tasker. I think I am not explaining on this deeply since everyone knows how to listen to music.

Did you know that it is really easy for those who doesn’t like sports like me to do the physical activities? You don’t need to wear the scarf and go out having your jog. I do my work out every morning in my house. Okay what did I do actually? I just do the simple work out yet can make you healthy. I just do the squats, jumping jacks, push up etc. Its pretty simple. It doesn’t take until 1 hour to do this. Please and please do the physical activities. The good news is, if you still feeling sleepy after waking up at 5.00 a.m, then do this work out. Trust me. You will be so energetic all day.

Who says that students on a leave cannot learn something new every day? I learn something new every day. Reading. Reading is the habits of successful person. They read daily. It doesn’t matter either it is a book or e book or whatever it is. For me, I love to read blog nowadays. I don’t know why I like it so much. Its totally interesting to learn a new thing on someone’s blog. You, give it a try!

So, those are my 7 self-care habits. Its very crucial to take care of yourself. It is not good for you to do your works 24 hours, ignoring other people, ignoring what is happening around you and ignoring yourself. Please don’t do this, ladies. Please take a deep care for your physical and mental health. When you apply these self-care habits, your life will change drastically. I experienced it. Its really different. I think its enough for today. Bye! If you find this article is very helpful, then do share it and re-pin it on your Pinterest. 

Share in the comment sections below: Which of these self-care habits do you already did, and which one are you looking to develop it soon?


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