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How to Introduce Yourself in Education Interview

Hi, guys! What a rainy and gloomy day. Yes, it’s raining when I blog this post. As the stated title above, I wanna talk about interview today, specifically education interview since I had my first-degree interview on 28th May before. As I am the first person who went to the interview among 7 of us (you know my best buddies that I talked before in my previous blog post). “Please don’t ask me about the interview”, I said to my friends, but who cares? They keep asking me about the interview. The most question that have been asked was “Balqis, how you introduce yourself”. I am not the brilliant genius girl who keep studying all the time and got 4.00 for her CGPA. I know there is someone better than me who can talk about this ‘education thingy’ better. But, since a lot of people asked me about the introduction in interview, then why not I publish it on my blog? People can gain more knowledge, right?

Interview? What the first adjective that can you say on an interview? Huh its boriiiiing of course. There are a lot of students need to be interviewed by the panels. So, the panels usually get a cliché answer from the students. So, how to impress those panels? The only way is through your introduction. It’s the key. You need to make the panels feel ‘wow’ at the first place, then they will focus on what are you will be talking afterwards. I did my research on how to introduce myself in education interview before I go to the interview. Unfortunately, I only saw ‘how to introduce yourself in career interview’. Ohhh how frustrating I am during that time. But, I know I must not give up in what I am doing as my life principle is I must get what I want or face the consequences. So, I tried to find the most suitable one with education interview. Luckily, I found it. Its from The University of Georgia Career Center Clark Howel Hall. Then, what I do after that? I altered that tips until it can suit me. So, what’s the tips? What to include in your introduction?

Its really obvious to give your name to the panels. Then, you need to let the panels know which one of school that you went to. Please, just state your secondary school. Your primary school is not that important to be told in an interview.

Next, you need to tell the panels what are the things that make you unique. The things that can differentiate you with other students. Make the panels feel eager to know more about you. For instance, I told them about my experience being the second speaker in Malay debate and have been competing at national level representing my secondary school. I also told them about my business. Its unique, right? Not all students can do business and I am specialized in marketing. I really like to do marketing. Then, I told them all about me and business and I relate it with my law subject. Simple, right? Just put anything that makes you difference with other students.

After you have finish with your uniqueness, you need to tell them about your goal. Yeah, just a simple goal. For example, I told them that I really really want to pursue my law degree in UKM as I want to make business or property law and ‘Syariah’ law. Only UKM offers us to take civil and Syariah law at the same time. In contrast with other universities in Malaysia, you need to finish your study in civil law first. You need to tell them the most important goals that you need to achieve and make the panels proud of you.

Ohh don’t forget to put a strong conclusion after that. You must close your introduction with a strong and concise conclusion that makes you very valuable to the panels. It need to be short and precise. For me, I told them why UKM must take me as their students and I emphasize back my uniqueness. For you, just put whatever that makes sense and strong enough to conclude your introduction.

So, these are the things that you need to put in your introduction during an education interview. Its pretty simple. Trust me. You need to write all these on a paper before the interview and do a mock at least once. Then, you have succeeded in delivering your introduction in education interview. Ohhhh I love to remind my friends and all other people, please be confidence. Be confidence. You must be really really confidence in whatever you are doing. It’s the main key of success, guys. Please believe in me. Ohh and how about you? If you have other tips regarding interview, do share with me in the comment section below and lastly don’t forget your Hari Raya card exclusively design by me to you. Its free. Just fill in your email, then I will give you what yours. Bye! 💘


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