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How to Make A Marketing Strategy That Works

If you just started your own business and you don’t know what type of marketing strategy that works, then you’re in the right place.

There are a variety of types of marketing on this world that you can implement on your own business. Content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing etc. You need to find the suitable one from those method that can works on your business. But, this is called marketing plan. Marketing plan and marketing strategy are two different things. Before you have the marketing plan, you need to have your marketing strategy. So, how to create a killer strategy marketing that really works?

But, before that why you need a marketing strategy? If you ask, almost any entrepreneur will say that marketing strategy is the crucial part. Offering the services or products are only a small battle in running a business. If you have the services or products to offer to customer, but if they do not know your existence selling those stuffs, how can your products be sold? Logic, right? The mistake that every beginner entrepreneur does is they work on the wrong marketing strategy that leads to failure. Just a waste of time. Thus, you must have the right marketing strategy first before you start on your business.  Here is the step to create a marketing strategy that really works.

1.       Determine on what you want to sell

You must think what you want to offer to your customer. Either a service or product or a combination of both products and services. You must want to make sure that your product is profitable and worth your time. Hence, you need to do your research before you decide on what you want to sell. Whether the product is high on demand by the people nowadays or not. You need to list down all the products that promising, then you are ready for the second step.

2.       Figure out your ideal customer/client
Next, you need to imagine or create your own ideal customer/client. What type of customer that you want who will buy your product. Why you need to do all these? It will be easy for you to target your customer if you have known what type of customer that you want. The quickest and easiest way to determine your ideal and desired customer is by answering a few questions.

Who need your products or services?

How old are they?

What they interested in?

These are a few questions that you can use in determining your ideal customer. When you have a very clear ideal audience, it can prevent you from a headache in the long way of your business activities afterwards.

3.       Find out where they are
When you have known your ideal customer/client, you need to find where your customer is. It will help you in determining the right methods when you are ready to implement your marketing plan then.

What shows that they watch on TV or online?

What social media they regularly used?

What blog/publication that they read?

These questions can help you in finding your ideal customer/client.

4.       Set your goals
You must have your own goals in everything you do. You need to have your ultimate goals for your own business. Do you want your business to supplement your income or you want your business to be your full-time job? How much do you want to earn in a month or a year?

What is your ultimate end goals for your marketing efforts? What return do you hope from your investment? How many pageviews do you need to have to achieve your financial freedom?

You need to have goals to help you in finding what works and what doesn’t work. List all of them.

5.       Determine how much your budget is
You can work on your budget once you have settle with your goals. Do your research on other entrepreneurs with the same industry with you to see what is reasonable. But, don’t feel overwhelmed to spend more than what you have. You can start with you have now. You will always raise your budget when your business has growth.

You can start with the free marketing first like social media marketing, writing guest posts and interviews. If you are intelligent enough to use all the free marketing, you can save your money to spend in bigger marketing tasks such as videos, website design and photos.

So, these are the things that you need to include in your marketing strategy. I also use this marketing strategy in my both business and fortunately it works. Marketing strategy really can help you in planning the correct marketing plan for your own business. Hopefully, this guide can help you in implementing yours. 

Do you have any tips on marketing strategy? Leave it in the comment section below.
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