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Meaning of My Business Name

Assalamualaikum and hi, guys! It seems we meet again. Actually, I wrote this blog post on the same day with my previous blog post on ‘6 Facts About Me’. For today I think I wanna share with you guys the secret meaning behind my business name. I am sure that every business name that have been chosen by an entrepreneur has their own secret meaning as every single thing happens for a reason, right? It is very crucial for us as an entrepreneur to have a good business name since a good name will brings a good impact into our business.

                So, everyone knows ‘Lady Inspiration’ is my business name. I chose the word ‘lady’ since I am a lady. But, that is not the main issue here. I chose the word ‘lady’ because the purpose of my blog is for ladies out there. Yes, to empower the ladies. A lady for empowers the ladies. I have a bad experience in the way of the boys or men treating me as a lady. So, that is why I am standing up again to prove to all men out there that ladies are very strong in their own way. Yes, I admit that women are vulnerable. Because of that me as a lady need to empower other ladies through my writing, even I am not so good in writing, especially in English. But, I really want the inner message of my blog post reaches the heart of my readers.

                Inspiration. What is the main message here? I want every girl on this world get inspired by me through my blog posts. It is not just an inspiration, it also covers motivation. I want women who are feeling down in doing their things get inspired and motivated to stand up again by reading all my related stories on my blog. I don’t want ladies feeling upset, down, give up in their life.

                So, this is the meaning behind my business name, Lady Inspiration. I really hope by sharing my business name people will understand all my blog posts after this since you have known the purpose of my blog. Ohh lastly, don’t feel hesitate to share about your business name in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe to my email if you don’t want to miss my blog posts every week.


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