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Who inspires me?

Assalamualaikum & hello! Its great to have a topic to talk again hahaha. Today blog post gonna be a very special one. Yes, when I said its special, then it would be very very special, at least for me. :D . So, my topic today will be all about friends. For me, friend is very valuable and worth thing to be appreciated. Actually, I didn’t make a lot of friends during my primary and secondary schools. Not as usual people, they love their secondary school’s friend, but it is difference with me. I hate my secondary school’s life to be honest. I got the ‘kawan makan kawan’ during that time. How sad am I. But, who cares about me back then? Nobody cares, except my lovely juniors. That’s why I love to spend time with them more than my friends. Okay that is not my real story for today. But, the most important thing is I learn something. I learn how to value friends and the greatest thing on myself that I really like is I know how to be more social. Please don’t be negative. Its not a ‘negative social’.

I started to have real friends when I was in second semester during my law foundation. What I love about them are they are not a judgemental person (like my school’s friends). Sorry for being negative towards my secondary school, but this is the reality. I am trying to be honest. So that’s it. They accept me for who I am. Ohhh the most thing that I love about them is they are so lovely and caring. It doesn’t matter what gender are you in. Its either you are a female or male. For me, love is more than ‘boyfriend girlfriend thingy’. Unfortunately, some people misunderstood it. Only some people, but its still make me sad . Okay, now let me introduce to you one by one who are they and why them?

The first person is of course Adam Mazri. He lives at Terengganu and he is so famous with his ‘sudu jare’ HAHAHAHHA. Okay that’s only his bad jokes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. But, please he is taken by someone. Not to mention her name cause I think everyone knows about her. I love to be friend with him since he is the person that successfully make all of us united. I was making friends with the other 4 of us through him. Funny right? I also like his caring traits to all people. He knows when someone is sad, angry, frustrated etc and he managed to calm down that person and I like his words. 

Okay move to the second person, Aishah Jamri. The funny thing between me and Aishah is her college room is infront of my room which I never knew about her existence before this πŸ˜‚. Her fascinated personality that I really really like is she never cares about what other people said about her. For me, she has the definition of a matured girl. She has the same traits with me. I really don’t care about other people. What they talk about me, how they think of me. Ughhh its just a waste of time. Again, it’s called ‘membawang’ (gossiping) in Malay. And actually, I don’t like ‘membawang’ and its included the ‘makcik makcik bawang’. Ohh before I forgot, Aishah is a genius. Serious. She got 4.00 for her CGPA during law foundation. Congrats for that Aishah!

Then, Dila. I swear you will like her when you really know her. She has her own style and she also doesn’t care about other people. Its called ‘orang yang bersahaja’ in Malay. Trust me, only me and Dila still do not have boyfriend and we end up with having a crush on celebrity hahahhaha. She got her adorable Spidey and I got the charming Tony Stark 😜. I am sorry for cancelling our movie date before this since my grandfather just passed away. Hurmm. Im so sorry for that. Basically, we share the same personality and that’s why it makes us closer. 

Aiman. Yes, he is an introvert guy. He rarely talks with other people. But, I like to push him to talk with me πŸ˜‚. The first one is when we were at Taman Botani and second time is when we were having our UKM interview. I guess our second conversation was much longer than the first one. But, I like him for always being introvert hahahha. It much easier to deal with introvert people. Haaa his hobby is playing game. He always with his phone, playing his game even though when we eat at ‘Anjung’. 

Okay, this is my not so ‘boyfriend’. I just joking πŸ˜‚. Don’t take it personally please. His name is Fabian Meringgai Anak Sebastian. I like to call his full name😍. My classmates called him Father as he had once talk about Christian to us before. And I am the Mother because I am always with him during our classes. Like seriously, we will sit together in most of our law lecture, even tutorial. Law 088 tutorial. He will ask me to eat with him at ‘Anjung’ and also outside the campus. Ohh I really love our sushi date because the sushi and mochi are damn good. Actually, he had to accompany me having my ‘buka puasa’ since there was no one to eat with me except him during that time. What I love about him is he got so many ‘girlfriendssss’ hahahahha. He doesn’t afraid to stay alone. He teaches me to stand up by myself and brave enough to live alone without depending on anyone. So, that’s me right now who has changed a lot. 

Last one is Fathuddin Fakri. Urghh he is the most annoying bestfriend that I have. He is so nice. I mean he is really a generous man until I misunderstood his kindness. We got in fight, then we were okay, then we got in fight again. So dramaaaa. But, that’s the reality. He knows how to attract me back after we got in fight πŸ˜‚. That’s why I categorized him as a nice man. I never met any guy as kind as him. For your information, he is my partnership in our business (I will talk more about our business in different blog post). For me, his action for asking me to join his business is such a brilliant idea since I was very upset and felt so down before. Now, I don’t have time to be sad as I got a business to handle.  Okay, what I hate about him is he always late (ketua kaum melayu). When we planned to lunch at 12.30 p.m, he would come to ‘Anjung’ at 1.15 p.m. Its so lateeee. 


Okay I think its enough for me to talk about them. If you want more, please ask them to create their own personal blog πŸ˜›. Last words from me, I love them so much. They are so mean to me. Please do not forget each one of us when we pursue our law degree on this September. These bunch of people inspire me to move forward and always stand by me in whatever I am doing. Thank you so much. Hey how about you? Who inspires you in your life? Do share with me in the comment section below. Ohh and one more thing, don’t forget to get your free Hari Raya card exclusively design by me. Yeah, its free guys. Okay, see you in my next blog post. Bye. πŸ’˜


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