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Enjoying My Single Life

Feeling alone? Does not know what to do with your own self? Then, proceed to read this blog post.

Hi! I'm so sorry for not updating my blog last week. You know when you're stress or overwhelm, you need for a holiday right? Basically, that was what I did last week. Just taking a leave from my social media and people. I felt like 'Okay, I doesn't want to talk with anyone this week' 😂 .

Okay, lets move on to the real story. To be honest, I'm the type of girl that scared to be alone. I swear! I need my own accompany to make me feels protected and comfortable enough. But, now I realized that being single is not so bad. Definitely! But, I still need my best friend all the times, even though he is so annoying. How I hate him. Shhh please don't tell him about this 😂 Okay, move back to our topic. Do not be sad since your boyfriend or girlfriend left you. Let them be. Ignore them. They deserve nothing from you. So, how I handle my single life and enjoying it? These are the secrets;

Sounds crazy, right? But, what is the first thing you do when you are with your partner? You want to get to know him/her, right? Yes! You want to know what are their hobbies, their favourite food, what they like, what they doesn't like and all of that. So, you need to do the same thing to yourself in order for you to love yourself. It looks pretty simple, but I bet not everyone did this. You have to get to know you. What have you accomplished, what is your biggest victory in your life and be proud of it. You don't need other people to value you and to be proud of you. You are enough.

Ohh don't be shy to go somewhere alone. It's cool! Take your own self to the cinema, watching your favourite movie, sipping a cup of coffee at your favourite coffee shop while reading your favourite books, go to the park, snap some photos of your city and many more. You can do a lot of things by your own. Prove them that you're strong enough to be alone. To live independently without them. And also prove them that you can go anywhere without them.

Use your single life to challenge yourself. It is the time to do what you really want to do when nobody else does not want to join you such as joining the taekwando class, yoga class or go to the gym. As me, I put my whole life into my blog. Yes, this blog that you're reading right now. I have no time to invest in my blog when I'm sharing my life with my boyfriend. Ughh you know, the typical clingy boyfriend 😒 So, use your time wisely and please do not waste time while waiting for someone else. You need to focus more on yourself instead of other people. ( Sis cakap je camni tapi diri sendiri pun buat juga, takpe kita cuba sama sama )


"How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you" -Rupi Kaur-

Yes, you need to deeply in love with yourself before you give all your loves to someone else. Then, the right one will come. Don't worry. So, how you want to show your love to yourself? Go straight to your mirror and say "Good morning beautiful! Today you are a beautiful and intelligent lady." every morning or you can hug yourself and say "Dear myself, how I love you so much for being in my life." There are so many affirmations for you to express your self-love and I beg you for not downgrading yourself. Stop saying that you're not pretty enough like other girls out there, stop complaining about your body or even your cheek 😛 Me also got a chubby cheek, don't worry and I love it! And stop complaining on your double chin. To make a story, my little youngest sister always criticizing me for being short. Yes, I have the same height with my younger sister. But, what I replied then? "Do I care? at least I'm more cute than you hahahah". Actually I do not care about my height or even my weight. It's stressing when your doctor keep nagging you because you're underweight. Yes, I still worry on my weight but I can do nothing to gain it. 

Dear, ladies. I really hope that you will not be sad anymore or even worse depression. Please do not overthinking and stop thinking more about others. Think about yourself first. I don't want you to have a same situation like me. I'm sure you will regret it. You can try 1 step first for the beginning and then try the other 3. Haa yes, your free bonus for this week. Your free bonus for this week is insta story template. Just click on the photo below to receive it. And lastly, good luck in dating yourself! 

Comment in the comment section below: How you express your self-love or maybe which one from the above you had try.
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