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Is it hard for you to get what you want? You have tried so many ways to get what you want, but you’re still not getting what you want and end up feeling so frustrated? Let’s dive in if you want to know my secrets in getting what I want in my life.

“I must get what I want or feel the consequences.” This is my principle of life. Pretty simple. I know what I want. I know where to get it. I know when I want it and I know how I can get that thing. Yes, most of my friends called me such a pretty confidence girl. Never afraid in chasing what her wants. True, that’s me. If I remain silent and do absolutely nothing, then tell me how I can get what I want. There is only one secret. I write my goals and re-write my goals every single day. Why? So, that I will not be forgotten to work on it. This is the main problem of our people. They never make writing their life goals as a habits. Then, they complain “Why I never get what I want?” and so many, many ‘why’. But, have you realized you’re not working hard enough on it?  You never did any plan for you to get it. Then, please blame yourself for that. Thus, I want to help you in achieving your dreams. Let me teach you on how to set your goals by using a goals planner.


You need to define your main goals. How you want to really get what do you want if you’re not very sure about your goals? Main goals is usually a long-term goals. My long-term goals is within 90 days. As you know it is not easy to get what do you want. So, I put a due date on it, which is 90 days.
For example:
I want to get 3.90 CGPA in my examination for every semester during my law degree. (Academic goals)
I want to make RM6000 in my business for the next 3 months. (Business goals)


After you have decided on your main goals, now you need to define your sub-goals or short-term goals to be precise.
For example:
I want to get an As for every subject in every test during the whole semester in my law degree. (Academic goals)
I want to make RM2000 profits in my business per month. (Business goals)


Soon as you know what do you really want in your life, now is the time for you to make a plan or an action to make sure you’re working damn hard to achieve it. This is the most crucial part in ensuring you get what you want. You must have a clear strategy to make it works.
For example:
I must study 3 hours every single day both weekdays and weekend to get an As for every subject in every test during the semester, so that I can get 3.90 CGPA for every semester in law degree. (Academic)
I must do the marketing tasks every single day to get RM2000 profits per month, thus I can get RM6000 profits within 90 days. (Business)

This is quite simple, right? I bet everyone can do this. Wow! I can’t imagine if every single of you set your goals right and you got what you want. I know you will be very happy and so do I. It’s okay, you can thank me later. So, now let’s recap all the steps in getting what you want.


So, after you completed all the steps, you need to change your mindset. Put your 100% trust in Allah. Trust him that He will give what you deserve after you’re working so hard in achieving it. If it’s good for you, Allah will surely grant it for you. Just trust him. As usual, in order for me to complete my mission in helping you to achieve what you want, I have created a goals planner for you to use it in setting your goals. I can assure you will like it. I have simplified it for you. What do you only have to do is to sign up into my newsletter to get your free goals planner. YES! IT’S STILL FREE as usual. Don’t regret it later if I put a price on it. What are you waiting for? Get it now!

Comment in the comment section below: What are your life goals?
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