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Everyone got their own problems on this world. There is no one who have no problems at all. At least one problem. But, the only one thing that differentiate human with each other is on how they solve their problems. I bet everyone has their own hard times that lead to stress and overwhelm. The bad news is only a few from us truly know how to cope their stress. Only certain people actually know how to manage their stress. Everyone knows stressing and overwhelming can affect our mental health badly. Everyone knows about that. But, how many of us are aware on how we can actually manage our stress? Only a little, right?

I was on an overwhelmed and stressed stage last week due to so many projects to be prepared. As you all aware I am an entrepreneur who got 2 businesses to handle. Can you imagine how hectic my life is? Yes, I’m a type of person who easily get stress when there are so many, many things to do and I don’t know where and how to start. But, then I realized this is not good for my health. I need to do something. I need to do something where I manage to complete my tasks and at the same time I can stay calm and relax. The question is how I cope with my stress?

Photo by Kilyan Sockalingum on Unsplash
When you’re stuck in doing something, try to take a breath. Please, you can’t forget to breath. I am serious. Don’t laugh on that, urghh. You’re not a robot who can do everything. You can do anything, but not everything. You should take a ‘me’ time. It means that you need to stop on what you’re doing right now for a while.

“When you are tired learn to rest, not to quit” – Random Quotes-

This quote is cliché isn’t it? This shows that how crucial resting is. Try to pause your activity and start doing some self-care. You need to take care of your body of course. My advice, try to do your self-care routine once a week. Yes, once a week, not once a month! Find one day for you to relax.
As me, my self-care day is on every Sunday. There is no business activity on my Sunday, even business chat with my beloved business partner. I use my Sunday for me to watch my favourite movies, doing a Harry Potter marathon (I am a Potterhead by the way), read my novels or books etc. Try it. It’s fun! I can assure you that.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
I like this one so much! I do this every time stress hits me. I swear. And I bet you also love to do this. Everyone loves music. Music can boost your mood, music can make you happy. When you’re feeling overwhelms but you need to complete the given task immediately, you can pause for a minute and listen to your playlist. I always do this heheh
However, you need to listen to the right playlist if you want to boost up your mood and feeling energetic back.
Here are some of my suggestions;

“Moby” by Porcelain
“Skinny Love” by Bon Iver
“Afterglow” by Phaeleh
“Put Your Records On” by Corrine Bailey Rae
“Amber” by 311
“More Than A Feeling” by Boston
“Keep Your Head Up” by Ben Howard
“Full Sail” by Ryan Farish
“The Joker” by Steve Miller Band
“Imagine” by John Lennon

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash
Try to meditate for a while. It can help you to feel more calm. Take a few minutes break and do some meditation. Meditation can reduce your stress level. I don’t do regular meditation actually. But, I know that meditation is very helpful in reducing your stress. As a Muslim, I always meditate in my prayer or ‘solat'. I suggest, if you’re a Muslim like me you can perform ‘2 rakaat’ prayer to make you feel more calm.
If you’re not a Muslim you may try these meditation tips;


So, these are some of my stress relief techniques. There are so much more out there that you can try today. As my usual advice, try these tips one by one to make it a successful habits when you’re stress. But, again everything is depends on you. The most crucial is I want to see you and more people out there can truly manage their stress and live in a healthy and happy life. To achieve this goals, I have created a Stress Tracker for you. It can help you in tracking your stress and at the end of the day you manage to reduce your stress level. Hell, yeah it’s free as usual (because I love free things). The good news is you don’t need to print it (but, it’s still okay if you want to print it and write on it). You can easily open your free Stress Tracker in your Adobe Reader and just simply type on it. You can fill it on your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone. It’s more easier to keep your stress on track, right? So, you want to manage your stress in the right way? Get your free Stress Tracker by clicking this photo.

Comment in the comment section below: Are you using one of these tips to manage your stress?
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