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Everyone is getting stuff ready. There are only 2 weeks left before the degree starts. But, you still not finishing your packing and you don’t even know what to actually bring for your college degree. Okay, you can proceed to read this blog post if you want me to help you packing your college stuff.

Currently, I am busy buying some stuffs and start to pack it for my college degree that will be started in 2 weeks. But, suddenly I feel so stuck in packing my items since this is my first time to go study further outside from my state and this is every one first time for them to pursue their degree. I don’t know what to actually bring. Is that thing is important enough for me to bring? Do I need that thing? How many things that I need to bring for my college degree? Yes, this makes me so overwhelm.

Fortunately, I have discovered the right way to pack my things. I have jot down all the stuff that I need and yeah sure, I have list it down for you too. I divided my things-to-bring into 3 sections. I have The-Must-Bring for College Degree, The-Not-So-Important Stuffs and also The-Not-Needed Stuffs. 

You must bring all these stuffs for your college degree. It’s a must. You can’t live without them.
1.       Personal Care Items
·         Toothbrush, toothpaste & floss
·         Towels
·         Hairbrush/comb
·         Body wash & Face wash
·         Lotion
·         Make up & Make up remover
·         Nail clippers
·         Hair products & tools
·         Hair ties
·         Deodorant
·         Razor & Shaving cream
2.       Dorm Room Items:
·         Pillows
·         Blanket/comforter
·         2 sets of sheets & pillowcases
·         Laundry basket
·         Hangers
·         Desk/Standing lamp
·         Command hooks
3.       Clothing
·         Formal clothes
·         Jeans
·         T-shirts, Tank tops & Cardigans
·         Exercise clothing
·         Sweatshirt
·         Light jacket
·         Shoes (Formal, sneakers, sandals, flats & heels)
4.       Cleaning Supplies
·         Laundry Detergent
·         Small broom & Dustpan
·         Small trash bag
·         Small trash bin
5.       Electronics
·         Laptop, charger & case
·         Mouse
·         Phone charger & Powerbank
·         Flash-drive
6.       School Related Things
·         Backpack
·         Notebook (s)
·         Planner/Student binder (You can get free student binder here)
·         Pens/Pencils
·         Highlighters
·         Calculator (it depends on what’s your major)
·         Ruler
·         Sticky Notes
·         Binder (s)
·         Notepaper/Testpad/A4 Paper
·         Paper clips
7.       Paper Documents
·         Documents asked by your university
·         Identity Card
·         Drivers License
·         Student ID
·         Banking Information
·         Medical & Dental Insurance Cards
8.       Other Items:
·         Kleenex
·         Sunglasses
·         Mug/Cup
·         Water Bottle

You can either bring it or not for your college degree. If you think it is useful for you, then bring it. If not, you can ignore it.
1.       Personal Care Items
·         Make up mirror
2.       Dorm Room Items
·         Shoes Organizer/Over the door storage
·         Under the bed storage
·         Drawers Organizers
·         Dry Erase/Cork Board
·         Rug
·         Lock box
·         Snack food
·         Wall calendar
3.       Cleaning Supplies:
·         Air freshener
·         Cupboard air freshener
4.       Electronics:
·         Printer & Ink
·         Flashlight
5.       School Related Items:
·         Scissors (It also depends on your major)
·         Desk organizer
·         Tape
6.       Other Items:
·         Umbrella
·         Ear plugs
·         Board games (You don’t even know when you will feel so bored)
·         Decorations & Push pins/Sticky tack

You don’t need to bring these items at all. Either it is provided by your college or it is not allowed for you to bring it.
1.       Dorm Room Items:
·         Alarm clock (We usually use our smartphone as our morning alarm)
·         Mini fridge/Microwave
2.       Electronics:
·         TV
·         DVD Player

So, up here I have simplified on the important stuffs for your college degree. In order for me to achieve my mission in helping you packing your college stuffs more organize and making sure that you don’t forget the really,really important stuffs to bring, I created The College Ultimate Checklist. As usual it is free because I love free things damn much and I bet you also like it too. You can get your free checklist down below. Happy Packing!

Comment in the comment section below: Do you always have trouble in packing your stuffs? And how you handle it?

If you find this article is helpful for other college students, do share it and pin it on your Pinterest. 


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