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We need to evolve, we need to change our lifestyle when we reach a certain phase of our lives. We need to improve ourselves as we grow. If not, we are not learning anything in our lives. The question are how can we improve ourselves? Is this the right way to improve our lives? 

Okay, let me help you in improving your life. I am in the phase of change too. I am struggling with myself to change my old behavior, to change my old life that is not so good when I reach my adult life soon. So, below are the 5 ways that I currently doing to improve my life and so do you.

We cannot stop learning when we finished our studies. That's not the right way. There are so many things that we need to learn through our life journey. We need to have the self-education. We can't get this self-education at the school. There is no teacher teaches us about life. We need to learn it by ourselves. How can we do this self-education?

Watch to Ted Talks
Listen to podcasts
Reading self-improvement blogs (you can read my blog too 😆)
Reading self-growth books

Confidence is very related with the self-esteem. Successful people have a high level of self-esteem. They believe their own self. They believe they can do whatever they want. They got the confidence. If you think you have a such low level of confidence, you need to improve it. YES, IT'S A MUST! You can go to any classes out there to gain your confidence. Go find your personal coach. There are a lot of personal coaches out there that you can learn to. Go make an investment for your education. It's worth it! You also can join any free online courses from any self-improvement blog. Go try it! 

If you are not accepting yourself, who else on this earth want to accept and believe in you? It all starts from ourselves. We need to believe ourselves, we need to love ourselves first, we need to accept ourselves as we are. We have to believe that we can improve our lives. We can change our lives for the good. Believe in yourself, change your mindset. Only then you can succeed in improving your life.

Thanks to Allah for giving the opportunities for you to continue your life. Not all people got the chances. Not all people got the opportunities. Trust in Allah's plans. There is something that He wants to show to you. Be positive and be grateful. Of course in Islam, we perform our prayer to show our gratefulness to the Almighty, but there is also another way to be grateful that you can start doing it now. You can write the 3 things that you accomplish on that day. Do it every single day. Insha Allah you can be more grateful.

You need to learn from your past experiences. We are a human who always do the wrong things and it's okay for that. But, you have to take it as a lesson. Life lessons are really, really important. We only can change through life lessons. Collect your experiences as many as possible. It can help you.

The quantity is not so important here. Quality is yet more crucial. Choose your friends wisely. Choose 2 or 3 friends and nurture that friendship. Choose someone that you can believe in, who will be there for you no matter what happens. The most important is choose someone who can build you up, who can support and motivate you to be a better you. Only choose the good vibes and stay away from any toxic friends.

And please don't forget them. Make a phone call at least once a week or maybe you can do a video call with them. Don't make them feel ignored. Appreciate them and always stay connected with them. Don't make distance as your excuses.

So, these are the 5 ways that I currently working on to improve my own life. I assure you can do these too. GOOD LUCK! P.S make sure you subscribe into my newsletter to receive more inspiring stories. Click the photo below 👇

Comment in the comment section below: How you improve your life? 
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