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You have a lot of things to do, but then you did not do it anyway just because of others' opinions. At the end of the day, you didn't do the things that you love, you didn't achieve your goals as you think other people's opinion is matter. 

Most of my friends didn't do the things that they love because they were so worried what other people would say about them. Despite it's normal for us to think what other people perceive us, but I can assure you that it's not such a good habits for always thinking about others' opinions. Yes, it's totally can bring you down and automatically you will not feeling motivated at all. So, let me tell you why it's crucial for you to stop thinking about what other people's think about you.


We are all human beings. We are not a well programmed robot. We do a mistake or mistakes to be precise. And all human do this. Everybody is struggling in becoming a better person. And this including you. Even people who don't like you also do mistakes, but maybe a different type of mistakes from us. Relax. Chill. It's okay for you to do mistakes. It's okay for people to hate you. Just breathe in, breathe out and continue your life.


Cliche. Everyone knows that life is too short. Too short to be sad. Too short to be unhappy. Too short to live in negative vibes. There is up and down in life. It's normal. Everyone feels it. Nobody is always on the top. It doesn't matter either we're on the top or at the bottom. The only thing that matter is in the way how we deal with it. The way how we treat ourselves when we're so down at the bottom. It's an option for us to be happy. You can choose either to be happy or sad. You're allowed to be sad, but only for a second. Then, you have to stand up again and be happy. Why you need to care about other people when you can care about yourselves? Why you need to please other while you're not happy with that? Think about it again, guys.


Yessss, they don't actually care about you. They say that negative words to you because of their own mental world. Because of their own negative vibes. It's not about you. They believe that they can't do the things that you want to do, so they say that you cannot do it as well. But, who are they to determine whether you can do this or you can't do that. Only you yourselves know your own ability. If you think you can do this, then why you're still care about what they say?

My advice is simple. Just think about your own self. Other people is doesn't matter. They also don't really care about you. If you're not think about yourselves, if you're not care about yourselves, then are you thinking that others will care about you? No. Everything is all from you. Think about it.

Comment in the comment section below: Why do you think you need to stop care about what others think? 
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